Welcome to E-Surveyor

E-Surveyor is a free mobile app for farmers and landowners to assess the quality of habitats they manage. Easy to use, and with inbuilt AI to support species identification, E-Surveyor helps you to collect data about the habitats you manage and understand the services they provide wildlife, and agriculture.

With E-Surveyor, users can:

  • Take advantage of AI to assist with identification of plant species
  • Learn which pollinators and other insects are supported by your habitats
  • Undertake structured surveys and compare observations with established checklists
  • Understand your successes and learn how you can improve
  • Evidence the biodiversity on you land and monitor it over time
  • E-Surveyor is built on decades of experience in monitoring habitats across the UK, including extensive work on farmland.

The app is designed to share this knowledge with those on the ground, making it easier to identify species, compare your land to national benchmarks and understand the benefits your habitat provides to other wildlife.