E-Surveyor: A free mobile app that helps farmers and landowners to monitor wildlife habitats 

"A man insects some flowers in a wildflower strip, he has one flower in his left hand and is using the e-surveyor app to take a photo of it with his other hand"
  • Use AI to help you identify plants you photograph with your phone camera
  • Learn which insects are associated with the plants in your habitat
  • Undertake structured surveys and compare your observations with established checklists

Once you have collected data using the app you can use this website to explore and export your data.

Download the mobile app from the Google or Apple app store

To learn more about how the app works please check out the video introduction below, which goes through the features of the app.  There is a lot more we want to do, but we want future developments to be driven by you. What new feature should we add next? What do you want to change in what we have already done? Where the app goes from here is up to you, so please email your thoughts and comments to tomaug@ceh.ac.uk

This research was funded by the research programme NE/N018125/1 LTS-M ASSIST - Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems, funded by NERC and BBSRC, and by the Defra/JNCC Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment project

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